Amazing FreeCell Solitaire

Enjoy Amazing FreeCell Solitaire for solvable puzzles, unlimited undo, smart hints, and multiple game modes. Learn how to play and explore the exciting features.

Amazing FreeCell Solitaire Introduction

If you’re a fan of solitaire games and looking for a challenging and entertaining experience, look no further than Amazing FreeCell Solitaire. This brain-training card game offers an exceptional FreeCell Solitaire experience, catering to amateur and serious players. With its solvable puzzles, unlimited undo, smart hints, and various game modes, Amazing FreeCell guarantees endless fun and excitement.

The Gameplay And Modes


The primary objective of Amazing FreeCell Solitaire is to move all the cards to the four foundations in the upper right corner of the board. The foundations should be built in ascending order from Ace to King, each with cards of the same suit. Once a card is placed in a foundation, it becomes immovable.

The game provides four free cells in the upper left corner, allowing you to hold any single card for future use temporarily. This feature proves useful when you encounter blocked cards, as you can move the obstructing card to an open free cell. Cards must be moved to a foundation or back to a tableau stack to unlock more free cells.

Modes and Difficulties

Amazing FreeCell Solitaire offers two distinct game modes: Classic and Bakers. In the Classic mode, you can arrange cards in alternating colors from King to Ace on eight tableaux. Conversely, Baker’s mode requires arranging cards of the same suit and color from King to Ace.

The game offers multiple difficulty levels to accommodate different skill levels and preferences, including easy, medium, hard, and random. You can make the game as challenging or relaxing as you desire.

Features and Customization

Amazing FreeCell Solitaire boasts a clean, visually appealing design featuring a new, intuitive interface. The high-quality graphics and smooth animations enhance the overall gameplay experience. The game provides a range of themes, card decks, and backgrounds, allowing you to personalize the game to your liking.

The undo and redo functions provide unlimited opportunities to correct moves and explore alternative strategies. Smart hints are available to assist you in making the best possible moves. With these features, you can refine your skills and become a master of FreeCell Solitaire.