Pizza Tower

Pizza Tower is a fun action game with fast gameplay. Control Peppino Spaghetti to unleash various moves and attacks, collect toppings, and race against time.

About Pizza Tower

Pizza Tower, the exciting platform game developed by Tour De Pizza, takes players on a thrilling adventure to save a pizzeria. Released on January 26, 2023, for Windows and the Steam Deck via the Steam store, Pizza Tower quickly garnered positive reception from critics and players alike. This article provides an in-depth look at the game’s gameplay, mechanics, and reception.

Characters & Combos

Throughout the game, players encounter power-ups that augment Peppino’s abilities. The Shotgun power-up grants ranged attacks and the ability to destroy specific blocks. Pepper Pizza bestows invincibility and levitation, while Knight form enables harmful contact with enemies and sliding on slopes. Supporting characters Gustavo and Brick are available in certain stages, providing longer-range attacks and double jumps.

Pizza Tower’s gameplay thrives on maintaining combos and achieving high scores. A combo begins when an adversary is defeated, increasing in length with each subsequent defeat. Combos have a timed duration of approximately seven seconds. Players must eliminate more enemies or collectibles to extend the combo and raise their score. Taking damage reduces the score and shortens the window for completing timed objectives.


  • Z - PLAY/Select/Jump
  • Arrow keys - Move/Ladder
  • X - Charge
  • Up + Z - Highjump

Game Features

The Tower Awaits

In Pizza Tower, players assume the role of Peppino Spaghetti, a skilled pizza chef on a mission to rescue his pizzeria. The game’s namesake tower serves as the backdrop for this thrilling journey. The tower has five floors, each featuring four levels and a boss encounter. The fifth floor deviates slightly with three levels and a boss fight.

Freeing the Toppins

Five adorable Toppins, small animals resembling pizza toppings, are trapped within each level. The player’s task is to free them, earning money and points necessary to unlock boss stages. Additionally, players must guide the janitor Gerome to the entrance, unlocking hidden treasures concealed on each level. Secret rooms, offering quick challenges and extra points, await discovery on most levels.

Peppino’s Moves and Abilities

Peppino Spaghetti possesses an array of moves and attacks to overcome obstacles and defeat adversaries. He can perform body slams from above, clearing obstructions and incapacitating foes. The Grab Dash move allows him to seize enemies and launch them as projectiles. A powerful Mach Run enhances Peppino’s speed, enabling him to scale walls, stun enemies, and destroy blocks.